EOTech Insight LED Upgrade Kits for M3/M6, M3X/M6X and X2/X2L

If you have an older Insight Tech weaponslight that you want to upgrade to a newer model LED version, this LED upgrade kit is the way to do it.  Made by Insight Technologies (EOTech) there are 3 LED upgrade kits available.

Insight M3/M6 LED Upgrade Kit

The M3/M6 replacement LED bezel gives you 125 lumens of blinding light and up to 120 minutes of run time, all without requiring a change in holster. Supercharge your M3 or M6 with the easy to install replacement LED bezel.

Insight M3X/M6X LED Upgrade Kit

Turn your M3X or M6X into a 150 lumen powerhouse with a replacement LED bezel. Not only will you increase run time to 120 minutes, but the bezels also fit existing flip and bikini caps for the M3X and M6X. Best of all you won’t have to change your existing weapon light capable holster.

Insight X2/X2L LED Upgrade Kit

EOTech’s industry leading compact weapon light just got better with the new replacement LED bezel. Within minutes, and without the need for tools, you can take your X2 or X2L from 40 to 80 lumens and increase dependable run time to 60 minutes.

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