5.11 Tactical’s New CarRake and Gryphon BreakN’Rake Breaching Tools

We got word of some new entry tools being released soon by 5.11 Tactical.  The CarRake and Gryphon BreakN’Rake both have serrated edges for breaching then breaking, making them ideal for rescue, entry or active shooter response situations.

511 Tactical CarRake and BrakeNRake Entry Tools


The 5.11 Tactical CarRake offers extraction teams and first responders the perfect personal tool they need for fugitive and victim recovery from all kinds of vehicles. At 18-inches, the CarRake can be stowed in your vehicle or carried on a mission with your personal gear. The CarRake’s weighted head ensures maximized striking impact while the beak and saw facilitate quick puncture and cutaway of all types of laminated glass.. With the introduction of high strength laminate security glass in high end luxury vehicles, the CarRake is the only tool capable of entry where carbide window punches and other entry tools fail. An integrated seatbelt cutter makes time-sensitive vehicle extractions easier than ever before. With a carbonized steel head rated at 55-HRC Rockwell Hardness and a light weight hydraulic tube steel handle reinforced with 2mm steel sidewalls, you can be assured your CarRake is ready to answer the call for years to come.

Gryphon BreakN’Rake Breaching Tools

Glass break and rake performance is alive and well in 5.11 Tactical’s new Gryphon BreakN’Rake Breaching Tools. Designed as the go-to glass entry tool, Sweden Entry Tools and 5.11 have developed the industry’s most effective glass breaching tools. Both the Standard and Extended models offer superior strength by utilizing hydraulic pipe steel reinforced with 4mm steel sidewalls. The 50-inch long Standard Gryphon weighs in at 8 pounds while the 70-inch Extended Gryphon also offers a lightweight advantage weighing just 8.75 pounds. The longer reach of the Extended Gryphon makes easy work of high profile vehicles and structural windows.

The Gryphon BreakN’Rake is made from high strength carbonized steel. The weighted head, rated at 55-HRC Rockwell Hardness, maximizes striking power while the beak and saw make fast work of cutting openings in 1-inch thick laminated hurricane glass. The Gryphon BreakN’Rake Breaching tools are powdercoated for durability and corrosion protection.

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