Armor Express’ new Bulldog Carrier at the 2014 SHOT Show

We interviewed Adam Spinniken from Armor Express at the 2014 SHOT Show about their New Bulldog Armor Carrier.

The BulldogTM was designed for Corrections Special Operations Units but still offers usability for other SWAT personnel. The BulldogTM is designed around USSOCOM’S BALCS patterns that allow 4 main sizes. The vest is intended to be worn tight on the body for improved mobility and comfort. The vest consists of Front and Back Torso components, left and right shoulder components. The vest is NOT quick release-able and it was designed specifically for thinner conjunction plates. The integrated Dynamic Cummerbund System can be adjusted / removed with minor maintenance. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The vest also features a built in tether attachment for emergency rescue situations. A removable MOLLE panel attaches to the rear outer carrier for quick mission adjustments.

Armor Express Bulldog

Armor Express Bulldog Carrier

Armor Express Bulldog Corrections Special Ops Carrier

Armor Express Bulldog Carrier Features:

  • Bottom loading rifle plate pockets on front and rear of carrier; accommodate NIJ threat level III In-Conjunction-With (ICW) hard armor rifle plates
  • Dynamic cummerbund for added comfort, chest expansion, and mobility
  • Over the shoulder ballistic protection
  • Removable rear panel for quick mission load-out adjustments
  • Fully adjustable shoulders and waist
  • MOLLE webbing for more modularity and attachments
  • “Man-Down” cable attachment point for hands-free extraction
  • Cummerbund accommodates soft armor side protection
  • Reinforced 1″ rear carry handle
  • Horizontal knife sleeve on front of carrier
  • Hydration and communication wire channels on shoulder pads
  • 3D spacer mesh inner lining for air channel and heat reduction
  • Ballistic shoulder pads
  • Front outer admin pocket for document or equipment storage
  • Non-skid shoulder grip to improve weapon mounting and control

Corrections Special Operation Units – The Bulldog includes features
specifically tailored to the field of corrections. The prominence of MOLLE
webbing, along with the aggressive structure of the vest make it ideal for
adapting to the demanding, versatile needs of corrections scenarios.

SWAT scenarios – The Bulldog can be used as a crossover vest for tactical scenarios. The Bulldog does not accommodate deltoid, groin, throat, nape, or collar armor – and the hard armor plate pockets only accommodate thin, ICW hard armor.

6 thoughts on “Armor Express’ new Bulldog Carrier at the 2014 SHOT Show

  • July 23, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    What is the price on this

  • January 24, 2023 at 5:11 am

    I am a Lieutenant with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Iam interested with the Armor Express New Bulldog Carrier from the 2014 shot show. I do not need magazine pouches, rather I am looking for pouches that will hold G101 sting ball grenades, MK-9 OC gas dispensers, OC Vapor Grenades.
    Also, I want Velcro patches for the chest of the vest. I need the patch to be a specific color and have exactly what I request. First- All Orange with Black letters (OC – on top with IN/ OUT- below)
    Second-All BLUE with White letters (CS- on top with OUT ONLY- below) if I could receive a confirmation that you received this, I will be interested in making further purchases for my agency.

    • March 15, 2023 at 9:01 pm

      Unfortunately, that carrier has been discontinued. We appreciate you reaching out to us, however and hope to be able to serve your future needs!


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