Armor Express Razor Passes NIJ Testing, Now Available at ODG

Back in January we announced that Armor Express had developed two new body armor panels, the Razor™ and the Vortex™. Both have passed the NIJ testing and the Razor™ is now for sale at On Duty Gear. The Razor™ uses a new process to create an armor panel that is not only thinner and lighter than previous designs, but also costs less! This one has us excited! We will be adding the Vortex, along with Armor Express’ new ultra-thin Ara-Shock™ ICW armor plate later this week.

Armor Express Razor Body Armor

Razor™, the latest breakthrough in armor technology, is Armor Express’s lightest weight and thinnest body armor system ever! Based on innovative fabric technologies from Dupont® and DSM®, the Razor™ sets the mark for comfort and performance. The Razor™ is made from a proprietary blend of cutting edge Kevlar® and Dyneema® fabrics stitched together utilizing Armor Express’ Comfort Craft manufacturing process.

Armor Express Razor™ Specifications

Model Designation: RZR-B-II

NIJ 0101.06 Threat Level: II

Test ID #: AEX09-001929

NIJ Certification Sizes: C1 – C5

Gender: Neutral

Ballistic Material: Kevlar® XP Aramid & Dyneema® UHMWPE

Pad Cover: Seam-sealed, waterproof Ripstop Nylon

Weight (Areal Density): .81 lbs/ft²

Thinness: 0.18 Inches

V-50 – 9mm: 1,739 ft/s

V-50 – .357 Mag.: 1,669 ft/s

Certification BFS – 9mm: 32.3 mm

Certification BFS – .357 Mag: 34.7 mm

Warranty: 5 Years

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