We are now taking pre-orders on the Blauer ArmorSkin and StreetShirts

Blauer ArmorSkinStarting today, we have updated our Blauer ArmorSkin items with the current pricing and will be taking preorders on them.  The ArmorSkin items are scheduled to ship in May.

Also, we have a great testimonial from one of the first ArmorSkin weartesters:

I have been wearing the Blauer Armorskin for approximately three months now and I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t be happier with it.

I think I told you guys that I haven’t worn a vest in the last thirteen or so years, but since you had me wear test this carrier, I’ve worn it every shift since.

I am grateful that I have it. It not only is very comfortable but very durable and matches my other uniform shirts and pants perfectly.

I’ve worn it it with your undershirt and also with a regular supershirt underneath and both look great.

The zippers on either side make it so easy to put it on and take it off. It’s great if you are @ the station typing a report, you can take it off in seconds.

When I’m in the cruiser, I unzipper one side for even more comfort. Also, the new undershirt is very professional looking.

The other officers at work can’t wait to get them. Many of them can’t tell I’m wearing the carrier because it blends in so well and looks like one shirt.

Not only does it look great, but it gives me a greater sense of confidence knowing i have it on going to calls.

I can’t thank you enough for getting me to wear my vest again after such a long time without it. I never thought I’d wear it again.

Hope all is well with you and your families.

Thanks again, JW

Blauer ArmorSkin

Brand new from Blauer, the ArmorSkin will revolutionize the way body armor is worn. The ArmorSkin system is composed of the ArmorSkin vest, a performance uniform StreetShirt and an optional duty belt suspension system. When worn together, the ArmorSkin / StreetShirt combination is designed to look just like a uniform shirt. By integrating the uniform shirt and body armor it allows for a better ventilated and more comfortable option than wearing a carrier underneath your uniform. It also allows you to remove your armor while still wearing the StreetShirt.

ARMOR SKIN armorskin vestBlauer 8470

armorskin vestBlauer 8370

LS STREETSHIRT armorskin 8471 streetshirtBlauer 8471

armorskin 8371 streetshirtBlauer 8371

SS STREETSHIRT armorskin 8472 streetshirtBlauer 8472

armorskin 8372 streetshirtBlauer 8372

Fabric wool blend polyester
Blend 75/25 100
Linear Weight 10.5 oz. 8.5 oz.
Weave plain plain
Colors 04 Dark Navy 04 Dark Navy

ArmorSkin Features

  • Your existing carrier fits inside the ArmorSkin vest. The ArmorSkin features easy shoulder and side adjustments for a universal fit, allowing your carrier to be fitted and worn the same way as it would underneath a uniform shirt.
  • ArmorSkin is designed to look like a Blauer Uniform Shirt using matching fabrics giving you a professional appearance while keeping your tactical advantage.
  • The ArmorSkin vest and StreetShirt use a breathable mesh and performance moisture wicking fabrics with a lightweight, comfortable build that dries quickly.
  • Using two-way zippers and stretch fabrics, the ArmorSkin vest offers quick donning and doffing, more coverage and advanced mobility.

The ArmorSkin Suspension System is a great addition to this system by helping to balance the weight of the duty belt between the shoulders and hips, allowing for a more comfortable fit for the duty belt. This also helps with improving circulation and reducing lower back and hip discomfort.

ArmorSkin Photos

Blauer ArmorSkin 1
Blauer ArmorSkin 2
Blauer ArmorSkin 3
Blauer ArmorSkin 4
Blauer ArmorSkin 5
Blauer ArmorSkin 6
Blauer ArmorSkin 7
Blauer ArmorSkin 8
Blauer ArmorSkin 9
Blauer ArmorSkin 10
Blauer ArmorSkin 11
Blauer ArmorSkin 12

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