Horace Small Uniforms now available online at On Duty Gear

As we announced previously, we are now a full line dealer for Horace Small police and fire uniforms.  Starting this week, we now have the entire catalog of Horace Small available for purchase online here at On Duty Gear.

Click on the Horace Small logo to begin shopping, or read further down where be break down some of their more popular lines.

Horace Small Uniforms

Horace Small Sentry Plus Uniforms

Horace Small Sentry Plus Uniforms

Staying cool on the job is extremely important to the men and women in Sentry Plus Uniforms.  Solarban technology reduces the absorption of heat rays, keeping you up to ten degrees cooler, even when wearing dark colors and in direct sunlight.  The 100 percent performance fabric offers superior color retention, soil release and moisture control.  Horace Small’s entire line of Sentry Plus shirts and trousers is designed to maximize both comfort and durability.



Horace Small New Dimension Plus Uniforms

Horace Small New Dimension Uniforms

Across the New Dimension line, Horace Small has gone the extra mile on material selection.  Their vat-dyed fabrics mean colors hold strong and true.  This line is designed for heavy action and long life in a wide range of climate conditions.  New Dimension Plus is the most cutting edge uniform collection available today.  It combines comfort with functionality so you can get the job done.  If your job requires performance, but comfort is a must, then New Dimension Plus is what you need.


Horace Small Deputy Deluxe Plus Uniforms

Horace Small Deputy Deluxe Plus Uniforms

The Deputy Deluxe and Deputy Deluxe Plus collections combine comfort with functionality so you can get the job done.  The shirts and trousers boast superior color retention and a soft hand so you always look professional and feel at ease in your uniform.


Horace Small Station Wear Fire Uniforms

Horace Small Station Wear Collection Uniforms

Firefighters and other emergency workers are faced with conditions that don’t allow for safety compromises, so in addition to performance, durability and a professional look, you’ll get some peace of mind with every shirt and trouser.

Certified by UL to meet NFPA 1975 Standard


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