EOTech’s XPS2-Z Zombie Stopper Holographic Weapon Sight

UPDATE 1/19: We are now taking pre-orders on the EOTech ZPS2-Z Zombie Stopper <— click here

To capitalize on the current zombie craze, EOTech has expedited the development of a Zombie HWS in time to introduce at the upcoming SHOT show.  This model code is XPS2-Z and includes a unique bio-hazard reticle pattern that still offers the 65MOA ring and 1MOA aiming dot.  In addition, a custom laser engraved hood showing the reticle pattern on the top and “Zombie Stopper” on the side should catch some looks.

xps2-z zombie stopper

XPS2-Z Features:

  • 20 brightness settings for low to bright light slaying
  • Roughly 600 hours of run time on (1) lithium 123 battery
  • 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA aiming dot
  • Cool biohazard tails to kill zombies deader.
  • Fits both 1″ weaver or 1913 rails

XPS2-Z MSRP: $559

Shipping in April, 2012… plenty of time before the Apocolypse.

Zombie Stopper Biohazard Recticle:

zombie stopper biohazard recticle

Zombie Stopper Logo

zombie stopper logo

One thought on “EOTech’s XPS2-Z Zombie Stopper Holographic Weapon Sight

  • January 17, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    In related Zombie apocalypse news, Hogue is releasing a line called Zombie-X


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