New Video for the 5.11 Tactical Heavy Breaching Kit [50268]


The most complete and versatile breaching kit containing the MultiBreacher, MiniRam, MultiPry, and EdgeBender tools; everything a professional response team needs to quickly and safely enter buildings regardless of door types, all stowed in a rugged, steel-framed nylon backpack.

This Kit Includes:

  • MultiBreacher
  • MultiPry
  • MiniRam
  • EdgeBender
  • Heavy Kit Bag

Designed for mobile, hard-hitting Teams, the Heavy Breaching Kit features a full complement of 5.11’s

breaching tools securely mounted in a steel-framed heavy-duty backpack. The Heavy Breaching Kit includes the MultiBreacher, MultiPry, MiniRam and EdgeBender, a system capable of defeating inward-opening, outward-opening doors of almost any construction. The backpack provides a way to transport, train, and deploy the kit.


The backpack features 5.11’s comfort yoke shoulder straps and a padded waist band for load management. Buckles are rated to 400lbs and feature a quick-release mechanism. A Velcro® attached hood is included. The kit is 37” in height. Imported, Patent Pending.

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