New Gould & Goodrich open top mag cases and XCalibur concealment holster at the 2017 SHOT Show

Gould & Goodrich:  New from G&G is the open top single and double mag cases.  From the forward thinking gurus at Tactical Design Labs (the newest acquisition of Gould & Goodrich) comes the new style of open top mag cases.  Anyone that knows me also knows that I have never been a real fan of the open top mag case designs simply because I just didn’t trust friction alone to hold magazines in place but I am now a believer.  This new and simple design allows open top secure carry by virtue of a retention lever that is easily pushed aside for quick and easy access.  Placing mags into the case is a breeze, and the lever grabs the mag plate immediately upon insertion securing them in place until needed.  Available in belt loop and paddle for versatile carry and available soon from On Duty Gear.
Building on their new and very well received duty holster design, G&G now offers the same holster style in concealment carry.  By adding a belt loop and paddle attachment, it turns the holster that is a favorite for duty carry into a concealment holster that is sure to take it’s turn as a go-to holster for concealed carry.  And as if the holster could not have gotten any better, Gould & Goodrich has replaced the foam at the bottom of the holster with a spring, which makes the draw even smoother.  It is also equally addicting, and promises to make drawing practice fun (is that even possible?).  I found myself continually drawing and then re-seating the blue gun back into the holster as I spoke to the reps on hand at the show.  I was impressed by the smooth and addicting nature of drawing and re-holstering the gun in the XCalibur holster.  With that, I call this one a winner.