Horace Small Uniforms… Coming soon to On Duty Gear

Recently, On Duty Gear became an authorized dealer for the Horace Small line of police and first responder uniforms.  We have already outfitted many local officers with the Horace Small uniforms and love the quality and professionalism the line brings to our store.

Within the next two weeks, we will be working on adding Horace Small to our linup here at ondutygear.com.  They have an exceptional line that you can currently view on their website at www.horacesmall.com until we have our site updated.  You can also call us at 888-880-4441 with any questions concerning Horace Small uniforms.

Horace Small Uniforms

About Horace Small

Across the nation, day after day, real-world heroes put their lives on the line without a second thought. These brave men and women routinely face dangers most of us can only imagine – all in the name of making the world around us a safer place.

Horace Small started his original uniform business in 1937. When Mr. Small first began outfitting troops for battle, he instinctively knew that a superior uniform could make all the difference when the going got tough. Once WWII ended, Mr. Small saw an opportunity to take all he had learned outfitting soldiers and apply it to public safety uniforms.

The first Horace Small apparel lines designed for police and fire departments gained popularity immediately. These uniforms were setting new standards for quality and innovation.

But getting them into the hands of real-world heroes was still a slow and fairly expensive process. Each individual article of clothing had to be custom made in response to a customer request. The Horace Small solution? Create a range of standardized uniforms that could be made in advance, then stocked by local distributors across the country. The goal was to make ordering faster, easier and more economical, no matter where a department was located.

Mr. Small himself drove from city to city, personally selling his vision of a local retailer network. The idea proved so successful that it quickly became the standard for our entire industry.

Today, you’ll find Horace Small holding true to their founder’s original vision of innovation supported by great service. Their gear helps heroes stay cool under pressure, boosting confidence and professionalism every step the way. These uniforms also provide a powerful reflection of pride, strength and tradition. Horace Small greets each new day with renewed commitment to the values and quality that them a great American brand.

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