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Message from Paul Riddell (President):

I retired from Port Huron Police Dept. in Michigan effective January 1, 2006 after a Duty-related auto accident. Retirement was difficult for me, especially since I had to leave Police Work before I was ready. On Duty Gear, LLC had already been in existence via our website for 7 years, so my wife Cissy (whom is the owner of On Duty Gear, LLC) and I decided to open up a retail store in downtown Port Huron to serve those with whom I had worked and those I had come to know.

Besides; I was amazed at the mis-information that was being given to my police family by those that had never used their own gear in an actual street environment. I felt I now had a duty to dispel the myths about police equipment, both old and new. My life is now dedicated to product testing and evaluations, research and more research, so I can give factual opinions about the equipment we sell. If it doesn't work, or if we believe that it will not work when you need it most, we won't sell it, period.

We built our company on the same foundation that is the cornerstone of the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS Industries we serve; Honesty, integrity and bound by Honor. We are driven by top-notch customer service. Our belief is that nobody is too big nor too small to receive the utmost respect and attention from us, from offering honest advice about a product when asked to following up after the sale.

We are excited to say that we have experienced both unexpected and unprecedented growth. We have salespersons spread throughout the State of Michigan, all of them Law Enforcement Retired or Active Duty, and have plans to add more Nationally as we grow. We are also now testing and evaluating products that will carry our brand, and they are being molded by Law Enforcement Officers so they will withstand the exacting standards you demand.

We offer training from top-notch instructors in the areas of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing w/Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Certification, Basic and Advanced Traffic Stops, Patrol Rifle Certification, Off Duty Survival, and Surviving Deadly Force Encounters among others.

We thank you for your service to our communities and our Country, and you have our utmost respect for laying your life on the line each and every day.

Be Safe!
Ofcr. Paul S. Riddell (Ret.)
On Duty Gear, LLC