Forced Ignition Vehicle Security System

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  • Made In USA
  • 1/4 mile maximum range
  • Can be self-installed in less than 1/2 hour
  • Can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle
  • Double-encrypted code cannot be scanned or "swiped"
  • Patented technology (received patent protection in 2006)
  • Save up to 20% on your auto insurance-Forced Ignition pays for itself!
  • No buttons to push, calls to make or codes to input; it works independently!

As Seen on WDIV Channel 4 Detroit News! Carjackings and auto thefts are on the rise. Protect yourself now with the only system available that will actually STOP the vehicle. The loud, intrusive alarm systems and tracking systems are now a thing of the past. Forced Ignition's patented disabling system will automatically stop the car within a short distance if stolen, and still allows steering and braking so the vehicle can be safely pulled to the side of the road. Whether you are warming up your car on a cold morning, shopping in the mall, sleeping in your bed, or even carjacked at a red light – rest assured that your vehicle is protected with the same technology that is trusted by law enforcement.

This system comes with a "reflector" which you keep on your person at all times. By having the reflector on your person, you will be authorized by the Forced Ignition System to drive the vehicle. If you are carjacked or if an unauthorized person takes your car, Forced Ignition will safely disable the vehicle a short distance away from the reflector.

Carjacked At Gunpoint-Forced Ignition Worked!

How Does The Forced Ignition System Work?

People ask us to explain how the Forced Ignition system works. We could use all of the high tech jargon but let’s keep it simple. Almost everyone has used a cordless phone at some point. You are talking on the cordless phone and head outside to check the mail – the further you get from the house; you start getting static on the line. Suddenly, steps away from the mailbox, the phone goes completely dead. You check the mail and wait till you get closer to the house to return the phone call. Basically, the Forced Ignition system works the same way. Once you get a certain distance from your vehicle the connection is lost, leaving the vehicle disabled until you get close enough to the vehicle for communication to resume, therefore enabling your vehicle.
There are two parts to the Forced Ignition Disabling System – the main control computer, which is mounted in the vehicle, and the reflector worn by the authorized driver. The main control box receives a unique encrypted code from the reflector using 128-bit encryption algorithm, which distinguishes the signal from any other source and prevents security breach. Once the main control computer gets a predetermined distance from the reflector it triggers a series of relay actions resulting in primary fuel or ignition system disconnect. When the reflector is back within range of the vehicle, the system resets itself automatically.
In simpler terms –the main control box and the reflector communicate using radio signals. Each signal is calculated to determine the distance between the vehicle and the reflector. If the distance is greater than that allowed, then the ignition or fuel supply is disabled. There is no damage to the vehicle and once the reflector and the vehicle are back within range of one another, the system resets itself automatically and the vehicle can be driven as normal.
The effect – If the vehicle is driven out of radio range of the authorized driver wearing the reflector (i.e. stolen or carjacked), the effect is like the vehicle ran out of gas. The driver still has safe control over steering and brakes but the vehicle will not start back up until the radios are back within range of one another.
If the vehicle is in park and the authorized driver wearing the reflector leaves the radio perimeter, the vehicle will remain running until movement is detected. A motion sensor installed on the Forced Ignition System achieves this function. An example would be starting the vehicle up in the mornings to warm up. The driver is inside the house but the vehicle is warming up, the vehicle is protected from any unauthorized use. In case of attempted use of the vehicle by anyone other than the authorized driver, the vehicle will be disabled until the radios are back within range of one another.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forced Ignition

What is the Forced Ignition Disabling System?

The Forced Ignition Disabling System is patented technology unlike anything else on the market. Forced Ignition is the only passive system available and protects you and your loved ones in the event of carjacking and theft. The Forced Ignition disabling system is designed to prevent would be carjackers and thieves from getting far away with your vehicle. Most car thefts occur at chance while you are pumping gas, running into the store, in the parking lot, etc. If a would be thief or carjacker takes control of your vehicle, that vehicle stops at about 150 yards - allowing the criminal to be far enough away for you to avoid danger yet keeps the vehicle and its contents close enough to recover.

How does the Forced Ignition Disabling System work?

The patented Forced Ignition system uses radio frequencies to determine the location of your vehicle. The radios are programmed to “talk” to one another. If the vehicle is left running and the authorized driver gets out of range, the vehicle will continue running until taken out of the “park” position. If the car is being driven out of range of the authorized driver wearing the reflector, the vehicle simply shuts down – the effect is that the vehicle ran out of gas. The vehicle will not start back up until the radios are back within range of one another. Best of all – the system works automatically. Forced Ignition developed a highly secure encryption algorithm and code sequence that ensures your system not be traced by anyone. This simply means that your Forced Ignition System is unique from every other Forced Ignition System on the market and is safe from being over-ridden.

What do I have to do to activate the Forced Ignition System?

Wear your reflector. That’s it! You have nothing to turn on or off, you don’t have to call anyone to activate the system, there are no monthly fees, no secret codes to remember or hidden switches to fumble with.

How do I install the Forced Ignition System on my car; I know absolutely nothing about cars?

You don’t have to know anything about cars or trucks to install the Forced Ignition Disabling System. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions supplied with your unit and have the Forced Ignition System working within minutes. Forced Ignition has made sure that virtually anyone can install the system but your local mechanic can also install the system if you prefer.When you order the Forced Ignition system, your sales personnel will ask you the year, make and model of the vehicle in which the Forced Ignition System is to be installed. If at any time you decide to move the Forced Ignition system to another vehicle, our technical support staff will be available to assist you.

I already have an alarm system, why do I need the Forced Ignition System?

Let’s face it, the most expensive alarm systems, tracking systems, etc. will not stop a vehicle once it is stolen. The stolen vehicle could be involved in a tragic accident due to high-speed police chase or could be disassembled and sold for parts at a chop shop. Forced Ignition is not an alarm, it is a disabling system – it will STOP your car. Alarms are great, keep it if you want, but for protection against car jacking and theft, Forced Ignition will keep your vehicle, your property and your family safe!

What kind of warranty does the Forced Ignition System carry?

Forced Ignition covers all new car warranties. In other cases, Forced Ignition carries a standard one-year warranty. The details of the warranty will come with the Forced Ignition system when you order or click here to read it now. The warranty covers repair or replacement under normal use. There is an extended warranty available; click here for details.

Should I get a discount on my automobile insurance when I install the Forced Ignition system?

Most states offer discounts for anti-theft or disabling systems that are installed. Contact your insurance company, insurance agent or state insurance commissioner to find out more information. Click here for a current list of states offering discounts.

What will happen if I leave my reflector at home and drive away?

You can hope that you wore your walking shoes. Don’t feel alone because a lot of people leave the reflector at home at least once. It doesn’t take too many trips back home to remember it next time though. Really, the system works on distance so if you forget your reflector the system is doing exactly what it was designed to do – stop the car in the case of an unauthorized driver. As far as the car knows, the authorized driver is still at home.

If I trade vehicles, can I reuse the Forced Ignition system on a different car?

Absolutely, just disconnect the system from your vehicle and install it on the other vehicle, the boat, and the four-wheeler, whatever you want. Our technical support center can help you with the installation on a different vehicle.

What other property can I protect with the Forced Ignition system?

The Forced Ignition Disabling System can be installed on boats, heavy equipment, farm equipment, over the road vehicles, four wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, golf carts – pretty much anything that doesn’t fly.

What if I lose my reflector?

That’s not good. If you don’t happen to have a spare, a replacement reflector can be shipped to you the next day with your verified information. Contact your local dealer or Forced Ignition directly. In the event that a reflector is not found, other reflectors you may have can be reprogrammed so that the lost one is no longer usable. There are packages available that include an additional reflector – consider keeping a spare.

Can I use the same reflector on other vehicles I own?

The reflector can be programmed to run as all of your vehicles or only one. For example, through the family setup program, the parent’s reflector can operate your car, your spouses’ car and the kid’s car but the kid’s reflector will only work on his or her car. It’s really all up to you!

Will anyone else’s reflector work on my vehicle?

Your reflector will only work on your vehicle or other vehicles you own. Be assured that NO other reflector in the country will ever have your specific identification code.

What if the battery in the reflector goes dead?

The reflector battery will last 6 months to a year. Instructions on how to change the battery will come with your system or you can click here to view now. Since the system will not run with a dead battery, the system has several safety warnings in place for this instance. There is an audible and a visible alarm system to let you know that the battery is getting low. You will hear an audible beep every 10 minutes and also a red LED light will flash. Once these alarms are active, you have about two days left on the battery charge. It is best not to wait two days to change it though, that beep can get annoying after a while!

Why do law enforcement, banks and armored cars need this system?

Any business that makes multiple stops throughout the day needs the Forced Ignition Disabling System simply because the percentage is higher for these vehicles to be stolen. Once a law enforcement vehicle is stolen, a criminal then has access to radio, weapons and ammunition, not to mention public trust. Banks and armored vehicles are self-explanatory – who hasn’t dreamt of a truck full of money?
Forced Ignition is very proud to have the backing of law enforcement and other high profile businesses. Forced Ignition is even prouder to have the opportunity to create a personal version of the disabling system that is now available to the general public. The disabling system was originally invented and intended for personal use and now the product that is trusted by law enforcement officials is available to everyone.

I have a subscription to a tracking system; do I still need Forced Ignition?

Tracking systems are great but what happens when you are carjacked and your child is in the back seat of the vehicle? Are you comfortable with the statistics that promise your vehicle can be found in under an hour? What can happen to your child in under an hour? Forced Ignition’s disabling system eliminates that worry because your vehicle will only be 150 or so yards from you when the bad guy figures out that he isn’t getting anywhere. Your personal belongings are safe, your child is safe, your briefcase is safe, your pet poodle is safe, the project on your laptop is safe - you get the point. The feeling of being violated is diminished because there was no time for the thief to plunder through your vehicle either!

Is Forced Ignition the only system on the market like this?

The Forced Ignition Disabling System is protected by US and Foreign patents, meaning this system is unique. The Forced Ignition Disabling System is the ONLY 100% truly passive system - you don’t have to do anything except wear the reflector. There are no buttons to push, no codes to remember, no monthly fees – absolutely nothing!

Recommended Business Uses of the Forced Ignition Disabling System:

Ambulance, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Meter Readers, Insurance Adjusters, Armored Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Farm Equipment, Propane/ Propane Delivery Vehicles, Over the Road Vehicles, Mail Carriers, Plumbers, Roofers, Home Health Nurses, Delivery Vehicles, Tow Trucks, Airport Shuttle Vans, Limousines, New/ Used Vehicle Dealerships, Service Technicians, Taxi Cabs, Hotel Shuttle, Television Crews, Production Crews, Newspaper Delivery, Reporters, School Buses, Passenger Buses, Tour Buses, Golf Carts, Motor Homes, Rental Vehicles and Entertainment Rentals.
Forced Ignition can protect virtually anything!

Have a question about the Forced Ignition Vehicle Security System?

Previously asked questions:

  Will the FIVSS work on a 1972 chevy ignition system?
Yes; just be sure to include the vehicle information when sending the order to ensure that the wiring harness system will accommodate your vehicle.
  can this system exist with two on-board disablers at the same time? i.e. one wired into the ignition system, and one wired into the fuel line pump, but have both controlled by one remote? if so, can two remotes exist for this system?
Yes; this can co-exist with another disabling system. However, the Forced Ignition Reflector works with the Forced Ignition system only.
  How large is the reflector?
Photos shown are actual size. The reflector is approx. 1" x 2" x 1/2".
  Hi, I'm interested in buying your Forced Ignition Disabling System, but I want to know if it would work with my cars remote start alarm system? I'm wondering if I would still be able to remote start my car as long as the main control box from the Forced Ignition system receives the signal from the reflector?
Yes for both questions-it will work with the remote start system, and it will allow the use of the remote start as long as the Forced Ignition System can receive the signal from the reflector.
  Can the main control box from the system be installed under the hood instead of under the dash, is it weather resistant enough for under hood installation?
The main control unit has been tested to mil-spec standards, thus it is fully weather resistant. It can be installed in any location that is close to the driver's compartment and where it is able to receive the signal back from the reflector.
  Will the system work with Hybrid and/or EV only vehicles?
The Forced Ignition System works on gasoline-only powered vehicles.
  Assuming the range is quite short indeed, would it be possible to program the unit to allow an additional minute or two of travel before it actually disables the ignition?
At activation, the vehicle will be approx. 1/4 mile away from the reflector unit. The vehicle's engine stalls as if it has run out of gas, and coasts to a stop. This distance is far enough away that the thief would not realistically run 1/4 mile back to do harm to the vehicle owner, but close enough that the owner can search a 1/4 mile radius from his/her position and locate the vehicle.
  Is this technology in police bait car sting operations?
The Forced Ignition System has been successfully used in bait car operations.
  How do I contact technical support? I have an issue with the FIVSS on a 2006 Jeep Wrangler.
Please email They can also be reached at 601-624-6545.

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