ASP Aluminum Hinged Handcuffs

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Hinge Handcuffs provide increased control of violent subjects. Because of their conical bow geometry, the cuffs fit large subjects, yet still control small wrists. They are easily carried, rapidly applied and have a clean, smooth, finished appearance. The four point connection system allows the cuffs to fold flat and yet be worn over belts of various thicknesses. Because connecting rivets are integral with the side plate, they cannot be driven out.

As with all ASP products, the design for these Hinge Handcuffs originated in the field. ASP Trainers surveyed instructors and officers throughout the world. The most desirable handcuff features were listed and categorized. The result is a handcuff unlike any other. The design introduces features, construction and materials that are innovative, real world and strong. An optimized frame design was achieved through the use of sophisticated computerized engineering programs. Strength potential was maximized through the selection

of an optimal combination of materials, heat treatment, frame geometry and reinforcing ribs. The overmolded stainless steel frames of ASP Hinge Handcuffs flex to the side when improperly applied to reduce injury potential from excessive lateral stress. The swivel has traditionally been the weakest part of any handcuff design. The Hinge cuff uses a pin and plate link to provide rigid frame alignment. The stainless steel links of ASP Hinge Handcuffs have a four point pivot structure to maximize handling characteristics.

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  Can you advise what the ''Pawl'' means, and the yellow, blue or green colors? I thought the cuffs were 100% black
The color refers to the double lock feature. Simply choose what color you would like to show through the window once the cuffs have been double locked. The cuff color is all black. Pawl refers to the spring loaded set of "teeth" inside the handcuff that engages the swing arm and allows for adjustment. This also provides the ratcheting sound.

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