New Gould & Goodrich Slimline Magazine Pouch at the 2014 SHOT Show

On Duty Gear interviewed Mike Favazza about their new double and triple slimline magazine pouches. The triple magazine pouch can be orientated either horizontally or vertically, the double is vertical carry only. Gould & Goodrich plan to release it in leather, synthetic leather and nylon with brass, nickel or black snap. They should be available in 30 to 60 days.

Pics of the G&G Slimline Pouch:

Gould and Goodrich Slimline Magazine Pouch 1

Gould and Goodrich Slimline Magazine Pouch 2


Gould and Goodrich Slimline Magazine Pouch 3

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Recent Questions

Blackhawk Double Mag Pouch Staggered Column

Will this item work for the 19 round magazine that comes with the Springfield XDM 9mm
Unfortunately, it will not.

Blackhawk Double Mag Pouch Single Column

Will these fit my Double stack .40cal S&W Mag?
No; this BlackHawk Double Magazine Pouch is meant to fit most single stack magazines.

Bianchi Accumold 7320 Triple Threat II Magazine Pouch

Will this work for springfield xdm 45 13 rd magazines?
At this time, it is only offered for the fits shown.

Bianchi Accumold Elite 7922 Triple Threat II Magazine Pouch

Can it hold S&W M&P 9mm magazines?
Yes; select the S&W M&P 40 from the drop down menu and use the tension adjustment screw to get the correct fit.

Bianchi Accumold Elite 7922 Triple Threat II Magazine Pouch

Does it hold single stack or double stack magazines?
The Bianchi Triple Threat Magazine Pouch holds either single or double stack magazines, depending on the weapon you choose from the drop down menu. Select the desired finish from the drop down menu, then click on "Gun Type" and you will be able to scroll through the available weapon magazine fits to find your weapon.

Bianchi Accumold Elite 7922 Triple Threat II Magazine Pouch

Is tension the same on both sides
Yes; by adjusting the screw in the middle, it either adds to subtracts tension from the magazine draw.

Bianchi Accumold Elite 7944 Slimline Double Magazine Pouch

Is this in stock right now?
Stock levels fluctuate rapidly; if you would like to verify stock status prior to ordering, please contact customer service at 1-888-880-4441.

Galco MFP Cop Mag Flashlight Paddle

Is it possible to remove the paddle and wear the carrier directly on the belt?
Not with this one, but the Gould & Goodrich Flashlight/Mag Case Combo features a removable paddle carrier that allows you to carry it on a belt.

Gould and Goodrich Leather Magazine Case

Will it fit the Beretta .40 cal px4 full size pistol?
Yes; select the Beretta .40 from the drop down menu.

Gould and Goodrich Leather Double Magazine Case

Trying to confirm if the double mag case is for left handed shooters
The Gould & Goodrich Double Magazine Case will work for both left and right hand shooters.

Gould and Goodrich Single Mag Case with Belt Loop

Can this be placed verticle and horizontal
No-this magazine holder can only be worn in an upright, or "vertical" position.

Gould and Goodrich Double Mag Case with Belt Loops

Is this the 881-3 Double Magazine Case? Do you have chestnut brown in stock?
No; this is the B851 Double Magazine Case. If you would like the 881-3, type that part number into our search bar and it will come up for you. We normally have a large inventory, but it fluctuates hourly. For current stock status, feel free to call one of our customer service representatives at 1-888-880-4441 and we can verify current inventory levels for you.

Gould and Goodrich K-Force Double Magazine Pouch

Will this fit the SR40 mags? I know the SR40 fits in the K-Force holster?
Unfortunately, this Gould & Goodrich Mag Pouch does not fit the SR40 Magazines.

Gould and Goodrich K-Force Single Magazine Case

Does it come in Basketweave?
Yes, the Gould and Goodrich K-Force K628 comes in Black and Black Basketweave.

Gould and Goodrich Double Magazine Case

Are there screws on the back side?
No; the belt opening, which allows for both vertical and horizontal carry, is sewn to the back of the double magazine case.

Safariland 1911 Style Quad Mag Pouch

Is this available in nylon?
Unfortunately, the Safariland Quad Mag Pouch does not come in nylon.

Safariland 1911 Style Quad Mag Pouch

Will this hold the Smith and Wesson M&P .45 magazines?
No; this Safariland Quad Magazine Pouch is for the 1911 Style Magazines only.

Safariland 573 Open Top Magazine and Handcuff Pouch

For the draw, does it mean which hand you wear your firearm or which side you wish to place the handcuff/magazine pouch? Thanks.
Choose your dominant hand when choosing draw.

Safariland 573 Open Top Magazine and Handcuff Pouch

What is STX?
Safariland STX Finish is a molded plastic baselayer material that is black in color. Additional layers are placed on top of the STX finish to make Plain Black, Hi-Gloss and Black Basketweave finishes.

Safariland 573 Open Top Magazine and Handcuff Pouch

what size belt will it fit?
The Safariland open top cuff and mag pouch combo will fit on belts up to 1 3/4" in width.

Safariland 72 Double Magazine and Cuff Pouch

Is it possible to get one with hidden snaps or without flaps?
Unfortunately, Safariland does not offer that option at this time for the double handgun magazine/cuff case. Gould & Goodrich offers a single magazine/handcuff combo that is open top, however.

Safariland 72 Double Magazine and Cuff Pouch

Any options for a 1911 magazine?
Unfortunately, Safariland has not released any fits for the 1911 magazines yet.

Safariland 77 Double Magazine Pouch

Does it fit the px4 storm .45 acp mags?
For best results in finding a holster that will fit your weapon, you can either use the Holster Finder or feel free to contact our customer service at 1-888-880-4441.

Safariland 79 Open Top Slimline Double Magazine Pouch

Do you make this to fit the smith and wesson M&P 9mm 17 round magazines?
Unfortunately, the only M&P it is offered for is the .45.

Safariland 79 Open Top Slimline Double Magazine Pouch

Can these be mounted horizontally?
No; the open top design will allow vertical mount only.

Uncle Mike's 5136 Kydex Double Row Double Mag Case

Does this item fit horizontal and vertical?
No; the Uncle Mike's open top double magazine holder is currently only for vertical carry.