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SureFire X400-GN 250 Lumen Weaponlight with Green Laser

This item is not available This item cannot be purchased at this time. It has either been discontinued or is on an extremely long backorder from the manufacturer. We would recommend using our search above to find a relevant item. If you feel this to be an error, you can also call us at 888-880-4441 during business hours.
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LED + Laser Weaponlight

The world's most revered handgun weaponlight now features a version with the first-ever green-laser diode. It's optimized for detection by the human eye and extremely rugged and reliable. The SureFire X400-GN has 250 lumens of max output and fits universal and standard picatinny rails.

The new X400-GN WeaponLight provides users with the same TIR-lens focused beam of brilliant white light as the original red-laser-sighted X400, but this model features and ultra-bright 5 mW green laser (505 nm) optimized for detection by the human eye. It's green-laser diode - the first available on a weaponlight - was engineered to be rugged, reliable, and to perform exceptionally well at a wide temperature range. The SureFire X400-GN can be attached to most railed pistols, to many rail-less pistols via available adapter mounts (sold separately) and to long guns fitted iwth a Picatinny rail. And once mounted, it rarely needs to be re-zeroed because of the Nylok screws that don't back out. The X400-GN can also be customized with optional handgun DG grip switches as well as remote switches for long gun use.

SureFire X400-GN Features

White Light Output:
250 Lumens
White Light Runtime
2.4 Hours
Laser Output
5 mW (505 nm green)
Laser Runtime
24 Hours
4.4 oz / 125 g (with batteries)
3.6" L x 1.5" W x 1.9" H (9.1 cm x 3.8 cm x 4.8 cm)
Two 123A Lithium (included)

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Previously asked questions:

How come the video is for the original X400?
The X400-GN is virtually identical to the X400 with the red laser. Since the video mostly displays the use of the SureFire X400, there is still a lot of great information you can get from it.
Do you have a release date yet for purchase?
SureFire has advised that the X400 w/Green Laser and its price will be released early 4th Quarter 2012. Look for them in October.
Estimated price for the X400-GN 250?
Price has not yet been released; SureFire has advised that the price will be released later this year.
Your description states that this is the first weaponlight to use a green laser, what about Viridian?
You are correct; Viridian has been focusing on the manufacture of Green Lasers for several years. Our point was that this is the first weaponlight from SureFire to have a green laser.
what about holster options, will there be an auto on & off holstering option ala Viridian?
As of now, there has been no word on holster options.
Well, 4th quarter 2012 has come and gone with no release and no price. What is SureFire ''advising'' now?
We have a meeting set up for SHOT Show with SureFire so we can address some of these issues and the items that were "coming soon" from the last SHOT Show. Watch our Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts or join us for live Google "Hangouts" from the show; we'll be updating live.
Are they having quality problems with the surefire x400-gn 250 lumen green laser?
While there is no official word from SureFire, we believe that the X400-GN has had problems in development. At SHOT Show 2013, SureFire advised that this light/laser WILL be released this year.
Can I order one?
As soon as we have pricing, we will make this item active and we will be able to take orders.
I'm sick and tired of waiting.The company SureFire has loyal customers, you would think they would tell us a little more about the release date. Any word on it?
We can certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we still have no release date other than "Soon".

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