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Blackhawk Vertical Shoulder Holster

  • Vertical carry provides excellent concealment, comfort and retention
  • Offside tie-down has dual picatinny rail platform for accessories
  • Cordura® nylon outer shell and waterproof closed-cell foam padding provides moisture barrier
  • Non-stretch finger break and retention straps are adjustable for various size pistols

00: 2"-3" Barrel Small/Medium Double Action Revolvers (except 2" 5-shot)
01: 3"-4" Barrel Medium autos
02: 4" Barrel Medium and Intermediate Double Action Revolvers
03: 6" Barrel Medium and Intermediate Double Action Revolvers
05: 4 1/2" - 5" Barrel Large Autos
15: 3 3/4" - 4 1/2" Barrel Large Autos
16: 3 1/4" - 3 3/4" Barrel Medium & Large Autos
19: Colt Gov't Large Autos, Browning Hi-Power
21: Glock 17/19/20/21/22/23/29/30
36: 2" Barrel Small Frame 5-shot Revolvers w/Hammer Spur

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Previously asked questions:

does this shoulder have belt tie downs?
Yes; it has an off-side tie down.

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